Review of God is Watching Over You

A few months ago I reviewed a new book called Thank You, Lord for Everything, but P.J. Lyons and Tim Warnes. It instantly made its way into one of the books that I read with my little daughter. The words were simple yet full of meaning, and the illustrations of the little bear and his friends and family were utterly adorable.

I didn’t think they could top that, but Lyons and Warnes have published their second book called God is Watching Over You. And its another winner.

Like its predecessor, it’s a sturdy board book that measures about 8 inches by 8 inches. The cover is slightly plush to the touch, and the pages inside are made of solid cardboard, so the book itself will ensure many nights of reading.

Also like its predecessor, the story is simple and sweet, this time following the adventures of a little lamb as he finishes a day of play in the park and goes home with his mom and dad, stopping on the way to watch the stars come out, the birds go to sleep. He takes a bath, reads a book, says a prayer, climbs into bed with his treasured bear, and is tucked into bed by his dad. He takes one last peek out the window, and the mom comes and tucks him into bed again. The rhymes are pleasant and soothing, and it’s one of the absolutely perfect books to read to your sleepy little one.

The illustrations, like the previous volume, are also amazingly cute, fun, and whimsical without being saccharine. The little lamb is absolutely adorable and your little one will  feel an instant bond. There are wonderful details throughout you can have fun pointing out to your child. The full color illustrations pop off the page and are sure to catch the attention of your child.

The best age for the book is probably just when your child is starting to read–the words are simple enough for him or her to read along with you. But even if you have a younger child, he or she will still appreciate the soothing rhymes and the beautiful illustrations. And once again, the message is simple yet powerful–every day and every night God is watching over you. It’s a great lesson not just to your child, but a good reminder to you and me too.

In just two books I’ve become a big fan of Lyons and Warnes, and can’t wait to see what they come up with next. In the meantime, these two books definitely have a place in our bedtime routine for the next few years.