Review of Little Book of Thanks

Back in the 1990s, Precious Moments were all the rage. It seemed like you couldn’t get through a graduation, birthday, or anniversary without seeing at least one Enesco figurine of the wide-eyed children. The Precious Moments characters made their way into greeting cards, posters, needlepoint, and even their own theme park.

It’s now almost 30 years later. Precious Moments certainly doesn’t enjoy the popularity that it once did. But interestingly, the children who loved Precious Moments when they were young have grown up and are now having families of their own–and are looking to share the things they loved with their own kids.

There have been a number of Precious Moments themed books, some of which we’ve reviewed already. The latest one is the Precious Moments Little Book of Thanks. It’s a small hardcover book perfect for little ones’ hands that is filled with poems, each titled “Thank you, God, for…” followed by things little ones can be thankful for, such as wonderful sounds, songs, colors, playtime, all kinds of weather, special days, and so on. Each page, of course, is filled with colorful illustrations of the Precious Moments children doing all kinds of activities that mirror the poetry. There’s also a Bible verse on each page.

The illustrations are beautiful as always, and of course are the star of the book. The poetry, I’m not so sure about. The poems are nice in the sense that they rhyme, but too many of them seem just thrown together. While the titles all start with “Thank you, God”, the poems aren’t prayers as the title would have you think, but just general poetry about the subject. I later realized that this is because there’s already a book called Precious Moments Little Book of Prayers, which I feel is a much stronger offering. Here, often, the rhymes seem a little too singsongy and contrived. I can’t shake the feeling that the writing was forced just to fill up space between the illustrations.

So I’d buy the book with that in mind. Don’t expect too much from the poetry, but the illustrations and Bible verses do make this worth a purchase, especially for avid Precious Moments fans young and old.