Review of Say and Pray Devotionals

My review of Say and Pray Devotionals is going to be pretty much the same as my review of the Say and Pray Bible. It’s a great kid-sized hardcover cook with thick stock paper throughout and full-color illustrations.

As with the Bible in the same series, the illustrations are cute cartoon pictures. While the Say and Pray Bible focuses on Bible stories, the Say and Pray Devotionals focuses on everyday events that may happen in a child’s life, from feeding the ducks with mommy to visiting a beach to eating a breakfast of eggs, toast, and blueberries. As with the Say and Pray Bible, there’s a colorful and detailed illustration of the scene, as well, as well as a short Bible verse quotation and a very short one-line prayer. The illustration is annotated with words describing different objects in the photo.

Honestly, while I love the idea of using the book as a way to teach my daughter different words by pointing to different pictures in each scene, I think it was a bit of a stretch to position this as a book of “devotions”. Some of the “devotions” say things like “God gives us helpers like brave firefighters” and “God made all the animals. The monkeys make me laugh”. Now granted, we’re talking children who can barely read, much less read Oswald Chambers-like devotionals, but on the other hand, this book felt a bit contrived, as if the publisher was just looking for an excuse to publish a new book like the Say and Pray Bible but ran out of ideas.

Bottom line, I’d rate this one “very good” but not quite “excellent” as I’d rated the original Say and Pray Bible. It’s a nice book for expanding your toddler’s library and teaching him and her new words, and I can’t fault any book that is God-centered and reinforces a verse and a prayer.