Review of the Big Look Bible Book

This review is for the Big Look Bible Book. We’ve reviewed other “children’s Bibles” before, but more often than not I’ve been disappointed. Often, they’d present themselves as if they were “Bibles” but the stories would be so watered down that they’d be mere shadows of the real Bible. This book doesn’t purport to be a “Bible” but a “Bible book”, which I appreciated. It’s not a replacement for the Bible, but really just inspired by it.

The book goes through the most popular stories for young children in the Bible–Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, Joseph, Daniel, the Nativity, The Angel’s Visit, and the Resurrection. A single page is dedicated to each, and a short paragraph of about 50 words is the extent to which each story is told. It’s certainly not comprehensive by any stretch, but it isn’t meant to be. It’s really more a way to provide a first introduction to the Bible stories for very young readers, who will ask questions and to whom you can describe more from your own Bible knowledge (and it’s also a good reminder to shore up your own knowledge too).

The illustrations are cute, colorful, and very, very engaging for youngsters learning new words. You can sit with your child and point out different animals, people, plants, and other objects. Each page is  uniquely shaped, which will further the uniqueness and interest.  Like the other book by the same folks (Make Believe Ideas) that I just reviewed, this one is one that will bring a lot of joy to your household.